The Healing Power of Love & Gratitude

Posted On May 3, 2020


by Nancy Wunderlich

The Healing Power of Love & Gratitude

by | May 3, 2020 | Gratitude

This blog gives you a tangible example of how feelings of love and gratitude can positively
affect your life.
Our bodies, like the Earth, are made up of 75% water.
The extraordinary life work of Dr. Emoto is documented in the New York Times Bestseller,
The Hidden Messages in Water.  In his book, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to
loving, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing
physical molecular formations in the water while water exposed to fearful and discordant
human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular
formations.  He did this through Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high- speed

A well thought out “thank you”, instead of a half-hearted, “thanks,” can make someone’s day
and attract more positivity into your life.
Perhaps there was a moment that you can reflect on that involved strong feelings of gratitude.
Think of what that is and let it grow, filling your body with feelings of warmth and love.
Our thoughts, words and deeds can either positively or negatively affect our individual health
and that of our planet. Through love and gratitude, we can have the ability to improve our world.

Written by: Nancy Wunderlich

Nancy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, shamanism, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence.

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