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Does it seem as though you are falling short of your goals, no matter what you try? Maybe you worry that you don’t have the strength and skills necessary to become the person you long to be. I can help you find your true passion and live your life’s purpose.


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Life Coaching & Counseling

Nancy Wunderlich, BA, LMT, is a client centered therapist who draws on her vast training and experience of many therapeutic modalities. She utilizes what is needed and can be most beneficial and healing for each client. 

Soul-Centered Breathwork®

Breathwork is based on ancient healing techniques for psychological and spiritual growth helping achieve positive results without the use of drugs.   

Do You Feel Stuck and Directionless?


It may be that a series of disappointing relationships, jobs, life events or setbacks have you feeling like a failure, powerless to create change in your own life. Or perhaps you are experiencing a quarter or mid-life crisis or another significant period of transition, and you now feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and torn between difficult decisions. Do you feel as though there is no way out of the turmoil or feelings of emptiness? Is something deep inside of you—some buried passion or need for self-expression—gnawing at you, desperate to break free? Do you wish you could figure out what you want, achieve personal growth and feel empowered to live as your best, truest self?

“You don’t have to travel through life alone.”

~ Nancy Wunderlich BA, LMT.


Nancy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, shamanism, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence. She trained for breathwork at the Transformational Studies Institute in Jupiter, Fl. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute in California, continues her studies at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute in Applied Existential Psychotherapy, which draws from Gestalt therapy and other experiential approaches. Nancy is also a student of esoteric psychology from the teachings of Alice Bailey.  

Nancy is a member of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute and the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. 

Many People Feel Held Back and Disconnected From Their Highest Purpose


From a very early age, each of us begins to hear, internalize and create a narrative about who we are and how we should live. Sometimes, these narratives can limit our perceptions and choices in life. As we learn ways to survive life’s hardships and challenges, including childhood abuse, neglect or other types of trauma, we adopt habits that we believe will keep us safe. For example, if a parent reacts poorly to the expression of emotion, you might learn to keep your feelings inside. Or, if you grew up in poverty, you might learn to prioritize financial security above all else.

Our early impressions impact our brains, and we hold our memories in both our minds and bodies. What we experience when we are young becomes our default, and, especially in times of heightened distress, we revert back to entrenched thought patterns and behavior because they are familiar. However, although the unknown can be frightening, the familiar can be limiting and even damaging to our personal development. For example, holding in your emotions may make you feel suffocated, isolated and unheard. Or, once you’ve achieved financial security, you may still be plagued by fears of poverty or startled by how unfulfilled you still feel. Even though we may not realize it consciously, the narratives we tell ourselves can hold us back from living a full, rich, connected life.

Furthermore, as humans, we are naturally creative beings. If our expressive nature is stifled, we rarely thrive. However, our modern world doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Too often, as we are growing up, we encounter rules and regulations that instruct us to conform and accept one “right” way to be. We are given just a few models of what life can look like, and if what we want deviates from cultural expectations, then our desires are rejected socially, academically, professionally, etc. We are rarely taught to honor ourselves, and the creative drives become dormant, making finding our true selves all the more difficult.

Thankfully, there is a way to awaken your creativity and break free from patterns that no longer work for you. By working with a therapist who specializes in supporting personal growth, you can understand what is holding you back, shift your perception of life’s possibilities and discover new choices that can lead to a profoundly satisfying future.

What to Expect…

You Have the Power to Transform Your Life

Your past doesn’t have to define your future, and therapy offers you the opportunity to step back, examine your life and reflect on where you are, how you got here and where you really want to go. As a compassionate, objective observer and spiritual guide, I can help you see where you are stuck so you can move forward with confidence. With increased clarity and self-awareness, along with the support of someone who will listen and understand, getting unstuck is possible.

I believe that you already have the answers you need inside of you, along with the innate strength necessary to step into your true purpose. There is a part of you that already knows who you are and what you need to do. As we work together in safe, affirming individual counseling sessions, I will help you clear away the misconceptions and self-limiting beliefs clouding your ability to see, honor and cherish all that you are. You can shift your perceptions and develop a clearer view of what life is all about for you. By shifting how you respond to life, you can also shift how life responds to you and begin attracting what you most need and desire.

Through meditation techniques,  Soul Centered Breathwork® and other deep, calming spiritual counseling  practices, you can increase your emotional intelligence and understand why you make the choices that you do. You can develop effective strategies for creating space between your emotions, thoughts and actions, as well as finding your true self. With a new sense of empowerment and resources, you can thoughtfully respond to distressing or complicated experiences, rather than reacting from a place of fear or reverting to patterns that no longer work for you. And, you can simultaneously release the guilt and shame of the past and form a loving, empathetic relationship with your inner child.

No matter where you are in your life or what failures you perceive, change is possible. By freeing yourself from the narratives that are shrinking your world and limiting your choices, you can lay the groundwork for a level of personal development you may have never thought possible. You have a spirit within you that, when accessed and trusted, can serve as your guide. None of us know what we don’t know, and everyone feels stuck and unsure at times. But, once you bring light to the darkness and open the door to greater awareness, you can discover everything you need to live your heart’s desire.


None of this will work for me.

I invite you to reflect on this hesitation. Might this fear come from a narrative that is keeping you stuck? It can be scary to think about transforming your life, especially because you can’t know for sure what’s on the other side. But, we are always creating our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. Even though it may not seem like it, you have inner resources and power. With help getting unstuck, you can learn to harness that power and create your life with intention and purpose. You can begin to thrive.

I should be able to achieve personal growth on my own.

As a therapist, I will not do your transformational work for you. But, if you want to experience greater fulfillment, joy and peace of mind, I can help you develop the tools you need to tap into your own innate wisdom and transform yourself. Unlike a self-help book, I can also help you move beyond the cognitive and, with meditation techniques and other somatic work, heal at the cellular level. This healing can allow you to release the past experiences that are held in your very muscles and tissues, creating space for new, productive patterns and deliberate choices. These are the kinds of changes that last.


I’m so completely lost. I doubt I can find a way forward.

Although you may feel hopeless, something brought you to this website today. Begin to trust that your inner voice knows you want to make a change. This voice can guide your way. As you begin to trust the knowledge and strength already inside of you, you can move from low self-esteem to self-empowerment and liberation. You can liberate yourself from the confines of perception and let go of the ways the world has hurt or stifled you. Your inner, most creative self already knows the way.






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