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Do you feel less and less inspired and motivated to engage with people and in activities that you once enjoyed? Does the world seem gray, as though the color has drained away from your life? I can help you gain confidence, find your inner strength and experience joy again.


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Nancy Wunderlich, BA, LMT, is a client centered therapist who draws on her vast training and experience of many therapeutic modalities. She utilizes what is needed and can be most beneficial and healing for each client.

Soul-Centered Breathwork®

Breathwork is based on ancient healing techniques for psychological and spiritual growth helping achieve positive results without the use of drugs. 

Are You Feeling Stuck, Hopeless and Sad?


Maybe your creativity is blocked, and you don’t know how to release pent-up feelings or find a way out of this rut. Or, perhaps you’re constantly feeling tired, numb and heavy, as though you are trudging through a swamp. You might be suffering from physical aches and pains and struggling to get out of bed each morning. It may be that you are under a lot of pressure to have the right career, relationship or lifestyle, and feel held back by self-doubt and fear of failure. Do you often begin projects only to lose the motivation to see them through? Do you wish you could feel free of the sadness weighing you down, discover your true purpose and feel empowered and free to live as your most authentic self?

Living with the symptoms of depression can be an overwhelming and seemingly helpless experience. Perhaps you had a vision for how your life would go, and now you feel you’ve fallen short of becoming the person you wanted to be. It may be that a dream was squashed, and you’re struggling to reignite the inspiration and drive that once powered you through the day. Or, maybe you’ve always felt like you’re simply going through the motions without much meaning or joy attached to anything. You may not feel as though you have a voice or the strength you need to advocate for yourself and pursue your goals because you were led to believe that you don’t matter. Maybe you’re self-isolating because you’ve always heard that you have to “get over this” or do life on your own, when in reality, you long to feel connected, seen and heard.  

“You don’t have to travel through life alone.”

~ Nancy Wunderlich BA, LMT.


Nancy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, shamanism, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence. She trained for breathwork at the Transformational Studies Institute in Jupiter, Fl. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute in California, continues her studies at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute in Applied Existential Psychotherapy, which draws from Gestalt therapy and other experiential approaches. Nancy is also a student of esoteric psychology from the teachings of Alice Bailey.  

Nancy is a member of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute and the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. 

Many People Struggle With Depression


Almost 15 million American adults struggle with a major depressive disorder, and that number doesn’t include the countless others who are feeling stuck, defeated and disengaged from their lives. In today’s world, people are more disconnected than ever, and it can feel almost impossible to step away from computer screens and smartphones and spend meaningful time with one another. And, social media makes it easier than ever now to compare yourself with those around you and feel as though you can’t have the seemingly happy, exciting life that others post about.

It’s human to want to avoid pain. Because of this, many of us push away or bury our feelings in an attempt to ignore challenges and difficult emotions. Throughout our lives, from our families to formal education, few of us are taught how to effectively engage with our emotions and discover a relationship with ourselves in a deep and truthful way. Few of us feel equipped to express our wants and needs in healthy, open ways and confidently go after our goals. And, for those who have faced disappointments or experienced abuse, it’s especially difficult to feel self-confident and experience healthy self-worth. As we move through life, so many of us put on more and more pieces of armor to try to protect ourselves. But, eventually, that armor gets too heavy and cuts us off from the world around us. Cocooned by all that metal, we can lose sight of our true purpose—if we ever recognized it at all.

Our bodies and minds have innate intelligence. For instance, our bodies know how to heal a cut. We don’t even have to think about it—the body automatically restores the wound back to its natural state of wholeness. Our emotions embody that same intelligence. When given the proper guidance, they can serve us through life’s ups and downs. When we are emotionally out of balance with our own empowerment, we feel down, directionless and alienated from our wholeness and true selves.

Thankfully, overcoming depression and discovering your authentic purpose is possible. With the compassionate support and guidance of a skilled depression therapist, you can break through the patterns that are keeping you stuck and feel empowered to speak and live in harmony with your deepest truth.

What to Expect…

Depression Counseling Can Help You Find Profound Freedom

 I know from both personal and professional experience how helpful depression therapy can be. For many years, I struggled to feel safe in the world. I lacked the confidence in my innate strength. I want you to know that you are not alone in your depression experience. 

In our counseling sessions, I can help you identify and resolve the core issues causing you pain so you can manifest deep, lasting healing. As we work together, I will offer you holistic, practical tools you can use to listen to your inner child, create a new relationship with yourself and free the pent-up emotions keeping you stuck. In addition to guiding you through body-centered exercises, I will sit with you as your observer and witness, listening with complete acceptance, compassion and understanding. You can speak and feel truly heard, without fear of judgment or criticism. It’s an honor for me to assist your process as you return to wholeness and regain enthusiasm for living.

Throughout the depression counseling process, I will meet you where you are and tailor each session to best address and support your unique experience and present needs. We’ll work at your pace, and together, we’ll shed light on the difficult emotions or parts of yourself that might feel too frightening to look at alone. As you begin to shift perspective and learn new ways to understand and release challenging emotions, I can help you transform fear of the unknown into a new sense of safety and empowerment. By engaging in this important work, you can nurture a relationship with your higher self and step into alignment with your truth.

My office is a safe space for you to open your heart and find relief. I am truly dedicated to helping you develop self-confidence, recognize your worth and feel equipped to live your passion. I work to be available to my clients and provide them with ongoing support between and after sessions. I am trained in highly effective therapy approaches, and I offer tools and skills that you can develop and draw from the rest of your life. You can embrace a different, lighter way of moving through the world. You can feel free to be the person you were always meant to become.


Would any changes I make in depression treatment really last?
 The voice of depression and self-doubt may be insisting that change isn’t possible for you. But, in truth, lasting change is possible. This is cathartic work, and by engaging in the therapy process, you can experience permanent, core change. You don’t have to keep going through the motions or putting your dreams on hold. You can learn a new way of relating to yourself and the world around you without years of therapy.


I don’t have the time or money for depression counseling.
 You’ll likely be surprised by how quick and effective counseling can be. It’s not my goal to be your therapist forever; I truly want you to feel better. I believe you already have everything you need within to reclaim your joy and happiness. In sessions, I will use powerful tools and exercises to help you access and nurture the innate strength you might not have felt before so you can draw on it for the rest of your life.

Many people avoid seeking help because they don’t believe they’re important enough. Perhaps you’re used to putting others first. But, you are important. You deserve healing and relief. Depression therapy is an investment in your well-being and success in your personal and professional relationships, and you are worth it.


Isn’t everyone a little bit depressed? This is just how life is.
 It’s true that many people experience symptoms of depression. You are not the only one trudging along under a heavy suit of armor. But, life doesn’t have to be this way. There is so much potential for you to see differently, feel differently and act differently. There is so much potential for you to achieve your dream.






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