Success Stories & Testimonials

“I worked with Nancy for a year and a half, doing breathwork on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. I’m forever grateful to Nancy for her wholehearted support, and grateful to myself for taking on such transformational work. 
It has been about 4 years since working with Nancy, and still feel the effects of it today. It changed my biology. I can genuinely say that Nancy & breathwork taught me (and my body) how to understand and process emotion. I didn’t understand this before, though I thought so. There were subconscious parts of myself that I just couldn’t tap into. With Nancy’s guidance, I was able to move into and through major blocks I had from early childhood. I also truly connected with my inner child through breathwork. Breathwork is so very transformational on so many levels. Nancy put the power of my emotional health into my own hands. I’d highly recommend working with Nancy to anyone. It will change your life.
-MM, Texas 


“Nancy creates a synergistic balance of talent, intuition and study. Somehow she manifests a learning space that is safe, provocative and inspires deeper understanding of a person’s true journey. I felt an intensity in the work and a sense that real progress is mine to experience with the tools and gentle guidance that she provides with her expertise. I have already experienced a few notable changes in how I ‘face my world’ – and they are positive. I have more balance, peace and simple certainty in my day-to-day living.” 




-Kelly M, Boulder, CO





“Over the past several years I have been seeking holistic methods for personal growth and emotional healing including self-help classes, energy work, network care and now breathwork. In the first two sessions of breathwork with Nancy Wunderlich I achieved better results than I did with 3 years of treatment going once a week through another well known method.” 




-Steven W.







“The work that Nancy does is very powerful. In a safe, nurturing environment I was able to release anger I had been holding on to for many years — anger that was manifesting itself in physical pain. After two extraordinary Breath Technique sessions with Nancy, the pain in my right shoulder disappeared and I felt free and alive again!” 




-SG, Boulder, CO






“Nancy’s Soul-centered Breath Technique has helped me transform and transcend beliefs I have held for years that were sabotaging my life. I’m living with more Peace, more acceptance and more Love. The process of Breathwork has been effortless since it works with sub-conscious beliefs. My strongest desire for my life has always been Inner Peace. As a seeker for over 20 years, I haven’t found anything that compares to Soul-centered Breath for realizing that goal. Breath will open the door and give you a very vivid glimpse of what is possible for your life. I have had indescribably beautiful experiences in Breath Technique sessions and workshops.”



-John K. ~Boulder, CO


“I saw an article in the Boulder Daily Camera years ago that discussed Breathwork and mentioned Nancy as a local practitioner. Intrigued by the article and feeling incomplete from some traditional talk therapy, I contacted Nancy, who explained the deeper healing qualities of Breathwork, which I decided to pursue through her and I’m very glad that I did. She is skilled, caring and insightful and has patiently guided me through a process of individual Breathwork sessions along with group integration sessions, all of which have resulted in a profound improvement in my life and a big shift in my subconscious and conscious thinking and attitudes. Breathwork is powerful and unlike anything I had ever experienced previously. I am and will always be grateful to Nancy for providing her services. I am happy to report that I now feel relaxed, happy and functional while enjoying a new found prosperity and drama-free life that includes quality relationships where I can speak my mind and express my feelings. I am also more proactive now and am successfully accomplishing the goals I set for myself.”

-Bill Rivers, Longmont, CO

“I had been struggling for almost fifteen years with a lot of emotional problems that were undermining my life goals and had actually manifested as physical ailments. I had tried years of therapy with no progress and was honestly a bit cynical and resistant towards the breathwork process at first. However, after only two sessions I was completely convinced. Even with some lingering resistance on my part, my whole system of beliefs was overturned almost instantly and I’ve had a refreshing new approach to living ever since. I have never felt so healed and free of baggage before, and have made great strides in getting what I want out of life. My physical problems have even improved remarkably since. My only complaint is that I don’t live near Nancy – I’d be seeing her every week if I could.”

 – Melissa H.

“I was stuck in an emotional pattern of unhealthy repetitive behavior. I was tired of all the pain of my past that kept resurfacing. After twenty years of “talk therapy” and not getting anywhere I discovered Nancy. I made the commitment of seeing Nancy once a week, and in only eight months Soul-centered Breath allowed me to go the core of deep seated issues and transform layers of hurt and damage from my childhood. As a result of this profound work, I let go of the guilt and shame of my past. I feel safe, secure and trust myself and the decisions that I make. Most importantly, I’ve learned to be patient with the process. Every breathwork session is different. The work is worth it, the pain is momentary and then there is indescribable experience of peace. I now live my life with joy and happiness. I am grateful. I am free.”

 – Marie Raines R.N.

“My sessions with Nancy had surprisingly great results. Through her calm and directed guidance I was able to delve very deep into my subconscious and bring to the surface many past traumas and baggage and subsequently let go of them. Yes it was difficult and took courage to keep going on when I wanted to run, but Nancys experience assisted me in standing up to my issues with courage and determination. I accessed parts of my psyche that had been dormant to me for many years and had been holding me back in life. I now know how to use my breath to work through those issues and the results really are profound. Nancys understanding attitude and demeanor put you at ease in a comfortable environment that allows you to express difficult emotions without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. For me it was a shamanic journey to the deeper reaches of my soul where great wisdom and healing takes place…. Thank you Nancy.”

 – Mark L.

From Hopeless to Hopeful in Colorado…

“My name is Debbie. I was sexually abused as a young child and have suffered with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I have seen therapists on and off during my adulthood for a total of about two years. It really didn’t help me much.

I have been obese most of my life in my attempt to protect myself and to be invisible. I had come to the point in my life that I had lost my will to live. I wasn’t suicidal, but I kept praying that God would just take me. I knew that the world and my family would be better off without me.

My precious daughter-in-law asked me if I still felt that I wanted to die even though I have a beautiful little granddaughter. I was honest with her and told that I did still want to die. She immediately setup an appointment for me with Nancy. I was skeptical, but I was also at the end of my rope so I agreed to meet with Nancy.

During my initial meeting with Nancy on March 10, 2014, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I thought I was broken because of the sexual abuse and that I would never be the person God had intended me to be. Nancy explained that I was not broken, I was merely off the path and that the breath work would get me back on the path. Her words of assurance ignited a spark of hope within my soul.

After the second breath work session, I realized that I had healed more in those two sessions than the prior two years of regular therapy. I continue to see Nancy every week and I am not just living, I am flourishing. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. The inner chaos has given way to peace. I have learned to love myself and to accept love from others. My family has seen me change before their eyes.

I am no longer sitting on the sidelines of life but am actively participating! I used to be a “destination” person but now I am enjoying the journey! I joyfully look forward to seeing what each new day will bring my way.”

 – Debbie H, Ft Lupton, CO

Workshop Reviews

“I was touched by the other participants in the workshop – their openness and sharing. The breathwork itself was powerful and opened me up to be more confident and positive about my life, particularly some negative assumptions that’d been with me too long. It was a spiritual experience, and is still with me. I was very impressed by the care and compassion of both facilitators.”

 – Bob W.

“The Soul-centered Breath was beginning its work during the intro session. It was surfacing deep waters of life within me. Then, during the weekend workshop they rose to my heart, untangling the brambles that strangled my life forces and literally, transformed my life. No words could describe the peace and wholeness I found through the Soul-centered Breathwork™. I want to express my appreciation for the work you do, the work you have obviously done within yourself so that you can actualize others in their work. I am most grateful.”

 – Grace S, Ed.D, Loveland, CO

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