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Nancy Wunderlich, BA, LMT, is a client centered therapist who draws on her vast training and experience of many therapeutic modalities. She utilizes what is needed and can be most beneficial and healing for each client. 

Soul-Centered Breathwork®

Breathwork is based on ancient healing techniques for psychological and spiritual growth helping achieve positive results without the use of drugs.   

Welcome! I’m Here To Help You…

What is a Life Coach?

Who is Life Coaching For?

A life coach is professionally trained to help you realize your potential, believe in yourself and reach your goals and dreams.

My approach is that you are already resourceful, creative and whole.

I will help you clear away the confusion (beyond your own apparent resources) that the stress of daily life can bring. I will give you the tools for new awareness and help you make positive changes that support your personal and professional success.
I won’t ‘fix’ your problems. I will help you turn them into opportunities for positive growth and change. Your new-found confidence will allow you to face challenges more easily.

Life is in constant change. You can choose to change with it because you’re worth it!

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to experience a fuller, richer life!

Helping You Achieve Success…

Unlock Your Full Potential

Are you ready to create the life you’ve dreamed of? Here are just some of the ways you will benefit from our time together… 

Move from fear and doubt to self-love and compassion.

Learn proven practices to navigate through challenging situations more effectively.

Tame your inner critic so you can know how unique and powerful you are.

Resolve recurring negative habit patterns and self sabotage so you can achieve your goals.

“During my time with Nancy, we delved into some really deep personal issues that I have been carrying with me since childhood. Knowing that Nancy was non-judgmental, allowed me to feel comfortable enough to open up in ways that I would never do with friends or family. I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to Nancy about very personal feelings and emotions. I am now able to find peace amidst the chaos. I only wish I had met her years earlier!”

Student, Boulder, CO.

“My phone sessions with you have been enormously healing. I am pleased to say I am happier and less anxious. I continue to feel and own my power. My relationship with my husband has improved immensely too. It was so true what you said that often times when one partner makes changes, the other one comes along. I don’t know that I would have decided to throw myself a big birthday party without this growth, so thank you!”


Kindergarten Teacher, Seattle WA.

“Nancy helped me to reach outside of my comfort zone. I thought my only option was to work in Healthcare. I moved out of the limiting belief that I am too old to find a new job or that its too late to pursue my passion. I found confidence and began to believe there is something greater for me and from that I’ve created a job that provides what I need to be effective. I have also learned to have a healthy balance between work and play.”


Self-Employed, Longmont, CO.

Lasting Results

So many of my clients have come to me after trying other forms of counseling/coaching. They have spent time and money. All forms of help are good, but many of them come to me still dealing with the same issues. My body-centered approach releases old, stuck patterns held in the unconscious. My  clients are then free to make positive changes, so they can reach their personal and professional goals.

Several of my clients have shared their thoughts on their experience. Please read and see for yourself how my work has helped them improve their lives and learn how to feel better, sooner….

I Can Help You…


• Gain new awareness and insight

• Connect with your inner resources

• Break patterns that keep you stuck

• Cultivate skills for emotional intelligence 

  • Build a foundation for ongoing momentum, success, and joy

Does it seem as though you are falling short of your goals no matter what you try? I’m here to help you clear away the confusion and doubt that can keep you from moving forward.

There is a peaceful place inside you that exists as pure potentiality and wholeness. Trauma of the past, whether it be from birth, early childhood conditioning, abuse or neglect, may have placed layers of unwanted emotions on top of your radiant nature, innocence or true self. The resulting emotions might be fear, anger, guilt or shame, which can keep you from living a life of freedom, choice and fulfillment.

The focus of all my work is bringing light to the darkness in a safe and sacred setting where you can experience your radiant nature and true purpose.

Anxiety Counseling...

Do you often feel overwhelmed and on edge at work, at home or during social interactions? Do you struggle with fears about all of the things that might go wrong in a given situation?     


Depression Counseling...

Does the world seem gray, as though the color has drained away from your life? Do you feel less and less inspired and motivated to engage with people and in activities that you once enjoyed?


Trauma Therapy...

Has a frightening or life-threatening event, such as an assault, accident or illness, eroded the feelings of stability and security you once had in your body and your world?


Addiction Counseling...

Does it feel as though there is something missing in your life, and only certain substances or behaviors help to fill or numb that void?


Relationship Counseling...

Does it seem like you’re always falling in love with the wrong person? Are you feeling worn down and frustrated by the same relationship problems you’ve struggled with for years?


Spiritual Counseling...

Spiritual counseling is an approach that honors and addresses the invisible, unseen parts of the self. Essentially, it can help you tap into your true values and passions and connect with your wisest self. Based on the research of Dr. Earnest Holmes and Buddhist, Native American and Ageless Wisdom teachings that date back through the ages, this holistic therapy approach focuses on the mind, body and spirit.


Personal Growth...

Do you feel as though there is no way out of the turmoil or feelings of emptiness? Is something deep inside of you—some buried passion or need for self-expression—gnawing at you, desperate to break free? Do you wish you could figure out what you want, achieve personal growth and feel empowered to live as your best, truest self?


You Can Reclaim Power Over Your Life.


Have Faith in Yourself.


Trust in Another.



I am excited to share some of my teachings with you. Please visit my blog below, as I update it often. If you find my articles to be helpful, I invite you to email me to schedule a free, no-obligation 45 minute discovery session. You deserve to live the life of your hopes and dreams.

The Law Of Allowing

It’s important to remember you are a co-creator. Your thoughts, intention, and words have power. They send a signal to the universe and the universe responds according to your belief. The people who are most successful are the ones who don’t let doubt, worry, or fear rule their life. They believe they are worthy and deserving of getting what they want. The Law of Allowing is one of the most important Principles to direct the Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration, and some of the other...

The Universal Law of Gender

Both men and women have a masculine and feminine side. The masculine is logical and expressive, while the feminine is creative and nurturing. To live a successful and happy life, we need to create a balance between these two sides of ourselves. The Universal Law of Gender states, “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles. We all have busy lives, distracted with the day to day routines. It’s all very action-oriented. It’s all very masculine. It has become...

The Law of Cause and Effect

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘What goes around, comes around’ or as stated in the New Testament, ‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap?’ These are very common terms that are referring to the Law of ‘Cause and Effect’. It encompasses the principle that nothing in the Universe can ever happen by chance. For everything that happens, in other words for every effect, there is always a corresponding cause preceding it. When you understand and apply this Principle you begin to become...

The Principle of Vibration

The Principle of Vibration states, "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."-The Kybalion. Everything in the universe is made up of vibration, and our thoughts carry certain vibrations ~ a certain frequency if you will. If your thoughts are negative, you will transmit a lower frequency of vibration into the world and by the law of attraction (as metal is attracted to a magnet), those thoughts will be returned to you in the form of outer experience. If your thoughts are positive,...

Law of Attraction

This post is focused on the well-known Law of Attraction. Your thoughts will turn into things, and as metal is attracted to a magnet, your thoughts and beliefs will attract negative or positive experiences. If you’ve tried working with this Law and it hasn’t worked for you, it may be because you haven’t addressed the underlying, subconscious beliefs. For example, I wanted a loving and supportive relationship, but I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men. Until I changed the underlying...


In the last post, I briefly mentioned imagery. It is a very important and powerful tool in the manifestation process. Why? Because the subconscious mind is amenable to suggestion. When you have a mental image, it’s like the mind takes a picture and sends it to the subconscious where these impressions take root.   The subconscious mind is like fertile soil. When you plant the seed of creative imagination, the fertile soil produces the outcome. Just like when you plant a seed in your garden,...

Energy Follows Thought

There is a Universal Law that energy follows thought. What you think about becomes stronger and manifests in physical form. Well cultivated, conscious thoughts and beliefs can bring the success and happiness you strive for. Uncultivated, unconscious thought forms can bring pain and suffering. What are the repeated thoughts and beliefs you play out in your mind on a daily basis? Are they self-defeating and leave you feeling tired or unmotivated? Are they encouraging and bring curiosity about...

How To Master Your Life By Understanding Universal Principles and the Underlying Laws

In this series of posts, we will be talking about Universal principles and Laws which, if properly understood and applied, will allow you to do, be, and have whatever you want. This series is designed to introduce you to the process of aligning your desires with Universal Laws that respond to your intention and word so that you can create a life of prosperity, health, and happiness. As you gain a fuller understanding of these principles and laws, you will see how they are all related, overlap...

Learning How to Receive

Does the saying ‘It’s better to give than to receive’ sound familiar? You may have learned this saying and lived by it as if it’s the golden rule. The problem is, you may have taken it too far and don’t feel comfortable receiving gifts or compliments. You also may not feel happy and fulfilled in your relationships. If you lose yourself in relationship, adapt your behavior to fit in, or are a people pleaser, you’ll benefit from reading this. I was one of those people and suffered through one...


We all judge, we judge others by their appearance. We judge them by how they treat us or another. We judge ourselves. We may tell ourselves, “Whatever I do isn’t good enough” or “I’m not smart enough”. Whatever the voices of judgment are, it’s important to pay attention to them. If you were raised in an environment of praise and unconditional love, you most likely have positive thoughts. If however, you were raised with demeaning criticism or abuse, negative thoughts may keep you from living a...

The first step is to let the healing begin…

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Time and again, I have witnessed people move from hopelessness to hope and from dis-empowerment to self-respect and emotional freedom. More than anything, my life is about being of service by assisting others to live in alignment with these deep truths and experience a profound relief from suffering. It is an honor to facilitate clients as they connect to their own spiritual source, return to their authentic Self and transform their lives.

Nancy is a member of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute and the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. 

Nancy has been leading transformational workshops and integration process groups since she moved to Colorado in 2005.

“You don’t have to travel through life alone.”
~ Nancy Wunderlich BA, LMT

About Nancy

Nancy received her BA Degree in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, shamanism, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence. She trained for Breathwork at the Transformational Studies Institute in Jupiter, Fl. She is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute in California, continues her studies at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute in Applied Existential Psychotherapy, which draws from Gestalt Therapy and other experiential approaches. Nancy is also a student of esoteric psychology from the teachings of Alice Bailey. 

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