Imagery: A Means for Manifestation

Posted On May 8, 2019


by Nancy Wunderlich

Imagery: A Means for Manifestation

by | May 8, 2019 | Self-Help Toolkit, Universal Principals & Laws

In another post on Universal Laws, we explored the significance of addressing subconscious beliefs to master the Law of Attraction. Today, we’re delving deeper into another potent tool in the manifestation process: the power of imagery. Why is imagery so crucial? Because it acts as a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing your thoughts and desires to take root in the fertile soil of your subconscious.

The Subconscious as Fertile Soil

Picture your subconscious mind as a vast field of fertile soil, ready to receive and nurture the seeds of your intentions. When you create a mental image, it’s as if your mind takes a snapshot and plants it deep within this fertile soil. With proper cultivation, nature ensures these impressions sprout into reality, much like a seed growing into a beautiful rose when planted in your garden.

Within you lies an incredible wellspring of potential—your secret power, capable of transforming your desires into tangible outcomes. Whether it’s prosperity, health, or happiness, the infinite supply of these blessings awaits your cultivation within your own mind.

The Vision Board: A Manifestation Marvel

Have you ever created a vision board? If not, it’s a practice worth exploring, and if you have, it might be time for a new one. Vision boards are a tangible manifestation of your desires, serving as a visual representation of your dreams and goals. They provide a direct line of communication between your conscious and subconscious minds, acting as a powerful tool for manifestation.

Here are five steps to guide you in creating your vision board:

1. Clarity in Desires

To manifest effectively, you must first know what you want. If you’re uncertain, start by making a list of what you don’t want. From there, flip the script, crafting a list of the opposites. Sometimes, clarity emerges from understanding what you wish to avoid.

2. Gather Visual Elements

Collect magazines or utilize online resources like Google Images to find pictures or statements that represent your desires. These images and statements should resonate deeply with your goals.

3. Assemble Your Board

Choose a poster board that suits your preference. It can be as compact or expansive as you like. Common sizes include 11″x17″, but the choice is yours.

4. Creativity and Believability

Assemble your chosen images and statements on the poster board. Be creative in arranging them in a visually appealing way. It’s essential that your vision board resonates with you and feels believable. Your subconscious is more likely to accept and act upon the images that genuinely connect with your desires.

5. Trust the Process

Most importantly, enjoy the process of creating your vision board. Allow yourself to have fun during this creative endeavor. Trust in the power of your creative imagination to bring your desires to life.

The Path from Idea to Reality

Understanding that your desires must first exist as conscious ideas before they can materialize in your life is pivotal. Your vision board serves as a tangible representation of these conscious ideas, bridging the gap between the conscious and subconscious realms of your mind. As you create and engage with your vision board regularly, you reinforce the beliefs and images that will ultimately shape your reality.


Imagery is a potent tool in the manifestation process, allowing you to communicate your desires directly to your subconscious mind. Just as a well-cultivated garden yields beautiful flowers, your fertile subconscious soil can transform your mental images into tangible realities. Embrace the practice of vision boards, and trust in the power of your creative imagination to manifest the life you aspire to lead. Remember, your thoughts turn into things, and with the right cultivation, they can bloom into the life of your dreams.

Written by: Nancy Wunderlich

Nancy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, shamanism, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence.

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