Create Empowering Relationships

Posted On August 7, 2017


by Nancy Wunderlich

Create Empowering Relationships

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Life Coaching & Counseling

Are you unable to maintain a healthy or happy relationship? Do you find yourself constantly drawn to the wrong person? Is your relationship leaving you drained? Bad relationships are frustrating and can often leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Unfortunately, these feelings are all too common; but from these misfortunes, relationship therapy was born. Not to be confused with couples counseling, relationship therapy is a process of self-discovery and putting the pieces of a complicated puzzle back together. The beauty of it is that you don’t even need to be in a relationship or bring your partner with you in order to partake in relationship therapy.

What are the signs of a bad relationship?

In order to break the cycle of bad relationship after bad relationship, we need to establish what makes a relationship bad in the first place. The following are a few unhealthy signs to be aware of:

  • You feel responsible for the happiness of your partner
  • You constantly worry that you’re in the wrong relationship
  • There are signs of abuse and neglect
  • You turn away instead of towards each other
  • There is no trust between you and your partner
  • You keep score of one another’s wrong doings
  • Conflict management is not present
  • Your partner doesn’t let you have alone time or go out without him/her

It’s important to note that signs of a bad relationship vary from person to person, but if you are experiencing any of the above, relationship counseling is worth considering.

What are the causes of a bad relationship?

Finding yourself in one bad relationship after another can be especially frustrating and may feel like a hard cycle to break. In order to interfere with this cycle, it’s critical that you know how bad relationships originate. Today’s society places a lot of pressure on young men and women to settle down into relationships and marriages. Because of this, many people have lowered their standards. Instead of searching for the right person, they’re searching for the most convenient person.

Another reason that bad relationships form is because history has the tendency to repeat itself. We learn normalcy from our surroundings as we grow up. If we grew up in a home with parents who were constantly arguing, you may assume that’s the type of relationship you’ll eventually have. It’s probably not until you’re much older that you realize that it’s not normal for a couple to argue as much as your parents did. If your parents were constantly fighting, they probably did not have good conflict resolution skills, and because of this, you were probably never taught how to appropriately handle conflict.

Or, if you’re like me, you may have experienced parents who divorced when you were young. There was no role model for me to learn from. I was left on my own to figure it out. I finally realized that I kept attracting men like my father, who was emotionally unavailable. It was then that I sought the help I needed because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. But I also knew there was a way to find the love I longed for.

How can therapy help?

Don’t let the stigma behind counseling prevent you from getting the help you deserve. Relationship therapy will help put you on the path to discovering what a happy and healthy relationship looks like. Below is a list of some of what we explore in relationship therapy that will help you break the bad relationship cycle.

1. You’ll get to know yourself

Many people underestimate the role that self-exploration plays in creating a healthy relationship. Before you can love another person, you must first learn to love yourself. It’s a critical part of the process that can allow you to build a strong foundation throughout your life. This is something we can work on together. When you get to know and appreciate yourself, you’ll also become familiar with what you want out of your life. You’ll begin to honor your values and beliefs and from there, you can find those traits in your future spouse or partner. You may also rediscover your likes and dislikes, and can then find a partner with whom you can create a shared meaning with. I will help you find inner strength and confidence that can enable you to be free to attract your desired relationship.

2. We’ll search for the patterns in your bad relationships

Bad relationships are often a result of continually picking the wrong relationship partner. Together we can determine why this is. Are there similarities in the wrong men or women you pick? We can put together the patterns that caused the suffering and get more insight into why your relationships have looked the way they do. Then I can help you to feel and become empowered to make healthier choices that lead to the relationship you’ve searched for.

If relationship counseling is something you’re interested in, contact me to schedule a free consultation! You deserve to have the love and happiness that can endure.

Written by: Nancy Wunderlich

Nancy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, shamanism, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence.

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