Gong Sound Journey & Breathwork

Please join myself and Jim Lanpheer, a wonderful musician and ‘gongateer’ from Blissin’s Energetic Healing. We are joining forces for a transpersonal event where we combine the sacred sounds of gongs, Tibetian bowls, Peruvian bells, Native American flutes, hand pan, and saxophone with the transformational experience of my proprietary practice, Soul-Centered Breathwork. A technique that is part Holotropic, Rebirthing and transmutational.

This powerful fusion of sound & breath will allow you to:


  • Reconnect with your Higher Self, restoring balance, self-love, and joy.
  • Release limitations that allow for physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.
  • Experience the emergence of wholeness at a cellular level.
  • Discover how to heal the past for good.
  • Raise your vibration so you can attract authentic love and prosperity.

Together we enter into altered states of consciousness and delve into the inner psyche where all possibilities exist!


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